Thursday, December 01, 2005

Grandmaster Ki Nam Yum

Hwa Rang Do, or "The Way of the Flowering Manhood" is the ancient Korean martial art of fighting, healing, and self-improvement. Hwa Rang warriors are legendary in Korean history and were the noble protectors of their time. Today, Hwa Rang Do is prominent all over the world, teaching fighting and healing techniques and a family way of life.

A tradition that began almost 2000 years ago, the ancient Korean Knights called the Hwa Rang were gentlemen of high intelligence and nobility who were known as the fiercest fighting sect in all of Asia. With their fighting skills and adherence to a strict code of ethics, history documents literally thousands of incidents of their extraordinary and heroic deeds.

Hwa Rang Do is one of the most comprehensive and diversified martial arts in existence, combining both hard and soft techniques such as kicks, punches, throws, joint locks, grappling, weapons, etc.. Yet Hwa Rang Do is more than just an effective method of personal combat and self-protection. We also believe in developing our mental acuity to the fullest, thereby achieving HARMONY OF MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.


Blogger Erik Mann said...

I was looking for blogs about martial arts and came across yours. Great blog you got. I have a website somewhat related you might find interesting.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Shane said...

My brother and I studied at the Hwa Rang Do academy in Union, NJ many years ago. I remember Master Yum with fondness and respect. His two sons are also accomplished martial artists.

9:21 AM  

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