Thursday, December 01, 2005

Get Out With An Elbow Strike

This is a technique that I like to use for when I have messed up with a rear cross! If I have connected with the cross then usually the elbow strike is not needed or indeed in range to be used. Let me set up the scene for you:

You have just thrown a step in rear cross that you opponent has has blocked and side stepped and he is now probably somewhere near to your shoulder. If it has not already you can expect a strike from your opponent any second now to your open rib cage.

A boxer would typically try to recover with a short lead hook, I am sure most of you have at some point practiced the 3 move combo of jab, cross, hook and the hook is usually used as a recovery weapon because as I said earlier if the cross connects the hook is usually not needed or out of range. Well in Wing Chun Kung Fu we have another recovery weapon that in my opinion is better for this scenario, the elbow strike!

As your cross misses and your opponent steps in you bring your rear hand (the crossing hand) back to cover your face and ensure that you dig that elbow in to protect your rib cage and as you are doing this you are naturally transferring your weight ideal for a lead elbow strike so simply extend that move through and twist at the waist to spin a horizontal lead elbow into your opponent.

With practice this is a devastating blow, your target area should be the sternum but whatever you strike with this elbow technique you are going to cause damage to as it is a penetrating and shocking hit.

by Glenn Hodgkinson


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