Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wing Chun Kicking Methods

Kicking is all about the Harmony of Focus..Stance(Base)Bia Jong, Power (Physical and Mental), Speed, and Accuracy(control).

Removing and adding to the Harmony will affect the kick itself and the ability to kick.

Generally speaking the more Harmony the better the Kick.

How many times have you said to yourself "That didn't feel right"? or "That felt good"?

The most important thing about the kick is where all the harmony comes from, ie where does the power the speed come from? Throughout history martial artists have created complete styles and comprehensive systems around footwork, The Stance or Bia Jong, is the most important thing, without the Bia Jong, everything goes wrong, you can have all the power and speed in the world but if the Bia Jong is incorrect "It wont feel right".

Next comes the Mental and Physical Power, this is drawn through the Bai Jong from the ground up. Through Physical training and Mental Chi Gong exercises your power will increase, Masters of Wing Chun have been practicing and perfecting these techniques for centuries.

Speed takes many years to increase, at first you will notice a lack of Speed as the harmony feels awkward to the beginner, however as only a short time goes by the speed will increase to your bodies natural speed, then with many more years dedication and practice; your speed increases at a slower rate, this is not noticeable to yourself but is defiantly noticeable to the onlooker.

Finally Comes Accuracy (control), starting slow is normally easy to land a kick on target as you increase your speed you also increase the chance that the kick will be off target, only with practice will you be able to kick with speed and accuracy.

When all the Harmony of Focus are executed simultaneously you tend to say "That felt good" Not only does it feel good it looks good to the onlooker.

by Sifu Dave Hardy


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