Thursday, December 01, 2005

Shaolin Quan (Shaolin Boxing)

Sil Lum, Shaolin,少林拳

For many people, Shaolin (Sil lum) quan has become synonymous with the Chinese Martial Arts. However, in the martial art community it represents a broad category of related styles having a connection to the Shaolin Temple. Today, some people classify these styles by geographic region, such as the "northern" (Pek) and "southern" (Nan) styles. Pek Sil Lum emphasizes extension in striking, with deep stances, and dynamic kicking methods. Nan Sil Lum is characterized by short, fast hand strikes and low kicks. However, such attempts at classifications are mere generalizations. The common thread is that this martial art style must in some way reflect the history and philosophy of the Shaolin temple.


All martial arts originated from Shaolin


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