Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hong Kong honours Bruce Lee

It took more than 30 years, US$100,000 ($135,731) and a lot of convincing, but late martial arts legend Bruce Lee on Sunday finally got the recognition his legions of fans worldwide feel he deserves with a monument in Hong Kong, the city that made him famous.

A bronze statue to the high-kicking kung fu star was unveiled Sunday evening before friends, family and local officials in a ceremony on what would have been Lee's 65th birthday.

The 2.5-metre tall, 600 kilogram monument, placed along the harbourfront Avenue of the Stars, Hong Kong's equivalent of Hollywood's Walk of Fame, is the culmination of years of badgering and fund-raising by the Bruce Lee Club.

The Hong Kong statue, which has the words "Star of the Century: Bruce Lee" carved on the base, was created by renowned Chinese sculptor Cao Chongen and transported from his workshop in south China's Guangzhou city.

Although born in the United States, it was here that Lee made the movies — among them Big Boss and Fist of Fury — that created his legend.

The unveiling ceremony was the highlight of the city's inaugural week-long Bruce Lee Festival, which featured screenings of rare footage of the star and tours of Lee's schools, homes and the studios where he made his movies.

The ceremony was the second this weekend to the late star — a day earlier the world's first memorial to Lee was unveiled in Mostar, Bosnia.


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